Program Coordinators

The UBC tandem Language Learning Program started off with a one-person team back in 2011, and has since grown and expanded in many different ways. The program would not be possible without the awesome people that are part of it!

We also have Volunteer Facilitators. This fantastic team leads our group sessions and hosts events throughout the semester!


Sathvik Yuki Fujiwara
Program Coordinator
I’m half Japanese and half Indian and was born in Japan but spent most of my life living in a boarding school in the south of India (Andhra Pradesh). It was there that I really found myself immersed in a multilingual society that got me interested in the role languages play in our lives. Thinking about the relationship between language, culture and identity has always been something I’ve been passionate about and I’m excited to be able to explore these ideas in the Global Lounge as your new tandem coordinator!

Natalie Armendariz
Program Coordinator
I am a third year undergraduate student in the International Relations program. I grew up in El Paso, Texas and which has fostered my appreciation for cultures and expanding my knowledge of various languages. Currently, I am studying Arabic and am interested in Arab culture; an interest that motivated my study abroad to Morocco. Despite living and growing up in the same city all my life, I enjoy traveling and love adventuring in all the places I visits.