Program Coordinators

The UBC tandem Language Learning Program started off with a one-person team back in 2011, and has since grown and expanded in many different ways. The program would not be possible without the awesome people that are part of it!

We also have Volunteer Facilitators. This fantastic team leads our group sessions and hosts events throughout the semester!

Carolina Leyton
Program Coordinator

Hi! I am Carolina Leyton. I was born and raised in Colombia, but for the past four years, I have been in Kelowna, BC, doing my undergrad. Before coming to Canada, I honestly did not see my culture or my language hugely impacting my personality because I was surrounded by people who grew with very similar values to mine. It was not until I came to Canada and interacted with people from all over the world that I realized my country and my mother tongue defined some of the most fundamental parts of who I am. The reason why working at the Global Lounge and particularly as a Tandem Coordinator excites me so much is because I will have a front-row seat to witness how everyone participating in the program will not only be opening up their world view to new languages and cultures but also gaining a new understanding of themselves through teaching and learning a language.

Rachel Leteta
Program Coordinator

Hi! My name is Rachel Leteta and I am really excited to be one of the Tandem Language Learning Program Coordinators this year! I am a fourth-year student majoring in International Relations and minoring in Chinese Language and Culture. I started with the Tandem Program three years ago as a language exchange participant, as I wanted to improve my Mandarin language skills and meet more people on campus. Immediately after being paired with my first language exchange partner, I noticed the strength of the Tandem community and felt welcomed into a family of avid language learners. Being a volunteer facilitator last year and now a Tandem Program Coordinator, I am excited to continue to get to know other students passionate about intercultural exchange and further expand opportunities on campus for language acquisition.