Facilitator Guidebook

Prior to the Facilitator Guidebook, activities and topics were presented to participants in the form of topic worksheets that were printed off on a weekly basis. A variety of topics existed, but they were not ordered in any particular fashion, and there was no real pedagogical aspect to them. They were simply a means to create dialogue.

With the advice of Dr. Samuel Navarro Ortega, former academic supervisor to tandem and professor in the French, Hispanic, and Italian Studies department at UBC, we decided to create a Guidebook containing a new and updated set of topics. These topics are not only useful to create conversation between the participants, but they were also carefully researched and planned. The topics, however, were optional and there was no component to the program that made them compulsory.

In addition to this, the Guidebook was also created for the benefit of the program facilitators. Each section of the book has explanations for why topics are useful and why they were chosen. There are also tips provided to the facilitators at the end of each section. We hope the facilitators will find them useful in helping the participants to improve their fluency.