Language Proficiency Index

UBC tandem uses a 1 to 5 scale to measure language proficiency. Participants rate their language abilities on this scale when they fill out the application form. There is no assessment test required.

During tandem sessions, emphasis is placed on spoken, conversational language.

  1. I can greet people, e.g. “Hello, my name is…”
    I can ask simple questions, like “How are you?”, “How do you say…?”
  2. I can ask most basic questions like “What time is it?” and understand the answer.
    I can talk about my family and my interests
  3. I can form some complex sentences
    I can make, cancel or rearrange an appointment
    I understand more than half of what is spoken
    Others understand me most of the time, but sometimes I have to repeat myself
  4. I can form complex expressions
    I am comfortable discussing most topics and conversation flows easily
    I can participate in group discussions
    I understand almost everything that is said to me
    I can compare and contrast
  5. I am a fluent speaker
    I understand everything that is said to me
    I can prepare a presentation and present fluently
    I am able to prepare and exchange information in an academic setting