If you want to become a Volunteer Facilitator, please upload a cover letter and resume on careers online  (job posted under “UBC tandem Volunteer Facilitator“) or email us at tandem.program@ubc.ca. Hiring for Volunteer Facilitators typically takes place within the first few weeks of the term.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at tandem.program@ubc.ca.

Responsibilities & Activities:

  • With a facilitation partner, coordinate and co-facilitate a weekly, virtual social/event
    • Note these socials are meant to engage participants in activities and will begin after applicants are paired (end of September/Beginning of October)
  • Foster a sense of community during your event/social – motivate dialogue between participants, ensure comfort and safety during events, navigate issues that may arise during event
  • Ensure engagements are running smoothly and that conflicts are resolved appropriately
  • incorporate any creative ideas you have for language exchange
  • Promote the tandem principles in events while also emphasizing that every language is valuable and equal.
  • Collect feedback from participants for review at the conclusion of each event
  • Maintain constant communication with the Program Coordinators and contribute to enhancing and expanding the UBC tandem program.

Time Commitment:

  • You will organize/plan and co-facilitate a weekly 1 – 1.5 hour social
  • There is a training session as well as some meetings that we ask you to attend, which may occasionally increase your weekly time commitment to 7 hours total.
  • Must be available for a training happening mid-September

Skill and Knowledge Students will Gain

  • Gain experience in a less traditional foreign language methodology (i.e. outside the classroom)
  • Expand and enrich facilitators’ own classroom learning and/or teaching
  • Gain intercultural and language experience
  • Develop relationships and receive support/resources from the tandem facilitators and staff
  • Virtual Facilitation skills
  • Have the opportunity to participate in the academic research that is currently going on around tandem
  • Learn a lot of languages from a lot of students.



  • Dedication to organizing and executing a social
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with an interest in interacting with tandem participants.
  • Punctuality and organizational skills; basic skills of virtual platforms such as zoom
  • Experience working with diverse backgrounds and an interest in different languages and cultures
  • Creativity and willingness to have fun!